Prayer Notes

There is so much to pray about and we’re obviously unable to meet together as we have been used to doing every second Wednesday.   However, during these weeks of being apart, we’re suggesting that every Wednesday, as many as are able, pray at 7pm for 7 minutes for 7 people.   The time or day may not suit everyone but it may serve as one fairly simple means of encouraging us to join together as a Church Family to bring our prayers and petitions as well as our praises and thanksgivings to God in these days.

Sunday 19th Sept 2021 - join us as we pray with others across the country at 7pm in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.   Further information can be found here

Wednesday 15th Sept 2021 - to read or download the prayer topics for this week click here

Street Pastors Update 3rd Sept 2021 - to read or download click here

Inverness Presbytery Prayer News August 2021 - to read or download click here

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